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NAMA CEU Information

The National Anger Management Association (NAMA) endorses the concept that treatment of anger management is a specialty field that requires performance by competent and professional individuals. The standards for certification are weighted on the side of proven competency, experience and education. Anger Management Specialists fill a unique role among health and human service professionals, working in a variety of settings, utilizing numerous treatment perspectives and recognizing the need to ensure quality care for consumers. NAMA designed this voluntary credentialing system for treatment professionals who provide services to adult, couples and juvenile dysfunctional anger management problems. The demonstrated link between dysfunctional anger management, domestic violence, substance use/abuse, criminal behavior and criminal involvement has resulted in the development of this credentialing process. CEUs will be required for re-certification beginning 2016.

NAMA realizes that Anger Management Specialists are educated in a wide range of disciplines including, education, addictions, social work, mental health, psychology and other mental health disciplines. The NAMA CEU system offers to all those interested training to provide quality anger management education and case management services to individuals, couples and juveniles.

Definition of CEU

 One CEU = one contact unit of participation in an organized continuing education/training experience provided by a NAMA Authorized Supervisor (CAMS-III) or a NAMA Authorized Basic Content Provider (CAMS-IV, V). All learning program calculation of CEUs must be approved by NAMA.

 Definition of Contact Unit

 One contact unit = A NAMA designated and approved unit of interaction between learner and instructor or between learner and materials which have been prepared by a NAMA Authorized Supervisor (CAMS-III) or a NAMA Authorized Basic Content Provider (CAMS-IV, V) to facilitate learning. All learning program calculation of contact units must be approved by NAMA.

 Please Note: Contact implies a connection between a learner and a learning source. For the purpose of the CEU, that connection is two-way. The instructor or learning source must monitor the learner’s progress and provide some form of feedback to the learner. This definition and requirement apply to face-to-face interaction as well as distance learning programs.

 Calculation of Contact Units for LIVE (face-to-face) Learning

Live (face-to-face) learning programs include workshops, seminars, courses, conferences, and other learning programs in which the participants and instructors are both physically present. The calculation of the number of contact units is based on the actual number of instructional hours = the number of contact units. (2 hour course = 2 contact units) NAMA reserves the right to designate a different calculation for certain learning programs.

 Calculation of Contact Units for Distance Learning

 Distance learning programs include learning opportunities in which participants progress at their own pace either online (web-based), or through the use of DVDs, CDs, books, or other written material. The calculation of the number of contact units is based on an average number of hours required by several representative participants to complete the program. (3 hours to complete course = 3 contact units) Program developers must apply for NAMA approval of all contact units calculation. NAMA reserves to right to designate a different calculation for certain learning programs.

 Calculation of Contact Units for Supervision

NAMA’s strong belief in the value of supervision is emphasized by the designation of 5 contact units for each individual (30 - 45 minute) supervision session. Supervision sessions may be live (face-to-face), phone, or Skype, or other audio/visual conferencing systems. NAMA Supervision must always be done by a NAMA Approved Supervisor (CAMS-III).

Please Note: If more than one participant is involved in the Supervision session the number of contact units shall be divided by the number of participants. In other words, if there are two participants on a Supervision session each would be awarded 5/2 or (2.5) contact units.

 What Can Be Counted

 The following are some examples of types of acceptable activities approved for CEUs:

Classroom or meeting session time led (Live) or prepared (Distance Learning) by an approved basic content provider and/or supervisor; activities in which a participant is engaged in a planned learning program in which their progress is monitored and the learner receives feedback. (Examples include, but are not limited to, workshops; seminars, courses, conferences, phone or Skype sessions, independent study, computer-assisted instruction, online and web based learning.)

What Cannot Be Counted

 While unplanned and unsupervised activities may produce worthy learning and are occasionally recognized by other the professions and licensing boards, they do not meet NAMA’s requirements for CEUs with the exception of certain NAMA Instructional Conference events. The following activities do not qualify for CEUs. Association membership and leadership activities, Committee meetings, entertainment and recreation; Mass media learning programs (i.e., through television, radio, newspaper)

 Validation of Continuing Education

 Anger Management Specialists seeking level upgrade (e.g. CAMS-I to CAMS-II) must document they have obtained CEUs and submit the appropriate validation for each educational experience. Acceptable validation (documentation) will be as follows:


 Certificates or other proof of completion for NAMA recognized trainings or events.


Proof of NAMA CEUs (letters or certificates).

Guidelines for NAMA CEU Provider Approval 


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