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What is NAMA?

The National Anger Management Association is an independent, non-profit, professional organization for the advancement of anger management services, research, and professional anger management services community. NAMA recognizes there are varied techniques and methods for effectively treating anger management problems and is therefore supportive of expanding the body of knowledge of clinical treatment and research. NAMA is presently providing leadership through the development of it's Anger Management Specialist Certification program, the national anger management provider directory, and various anger management research projects. Membership is open to anger management professionals including, clinicians, researchers, authors, educators, social services providers, probation officers, and other helping professionals.


* Improve the quality of anger management services to the general population.
* Support educators / mental health professionals providing anger management services.
* Promote anger management specialist community.
* Identify and promote effective anger management methods and techniques.
* Encourage international, national, and local campaigns for public education.
* Support and encourage research in anger management.
* Provide, encourage, and support reasonable standards for anger management educators, counselors, therapists, trainers, and consultants.


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