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Title:_____ First Name:_____________________ Middle Initial:___

Last Name:___________________________________________(include professional degree)

(Agency or Affiliation if Applicable):_______________________________________________________________

Street Address:____________________________________________________________

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In order for your application to be processed, you must answer ALL questions COMPLETELY

1. Type of Credentials:

___RN ___LPC ___LSW ___LCSW ___LMFT ___PhD ___MD

___ Other - Please specify______________

License No. (If applicable) ______________ State _______

2. How many years of experience do you have in providing anger management services?:_______

3. With how many clients are you currently working?____ 1-10 ___ 11-20 ___ 21-30 ___ 30 or more

4. Years of experience providing anger management service:___ 1-3 ___ 4-6 ___ 7-10 ___10 or more

5. Please check all areas of interest for future trainings. (You may check multiple fields)

___ Anger Management Updates in Treatment ___ Couples Anger Management ___ Children & Anger ___Group Work ___ Adolescent Anger Management ___ Parenting & Anger ___ Other:_______________________________________________

6. Would you be willing to provide outcome survey information measuring benefits of your work?                   ___ Yes ___ No

7. Please indicate if you work for:

____ Agency ____ Private Practice

8. Are you willing to volunteer to provide time and leadership for NAMA?___ Yes ___ No

Please Specify:________________________________________________________________________

9. How did you hear about NAMA?

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Word of Mouth ___ Other - Please specify____________________________________________________

10. Please include one copy of your Resume or CV with this application. 

11. Which Membership Level are you applying: (One year dues covers application fee & first year membership)

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Checks payable to: NAMA, 2753 Broadway Suite 395, New York, NY 10025

Print Application  getacro.gif (2135 bytes)

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Email - - Telephone (646)-485-5116  - Fax (646) 390-1571  - NAMA, 2753 Broadway Suite 395, New York, NY 10025

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